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on the look out nor hawks and ot across america, cities and towns, homes and businesses all depend upon one basic resource. modern civilization and life itself would be impossible without it. woman: okay, so today, we're going to look at how do we get our water? narrator: and today, it's a matter of simply turning on the tap. so often, we forget about the value of water. water is a commodity that is essential to life. 100 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine turning on the tap water. and now, it's an expectation. narrator: over 300 million people live in the united states. and each person uses an average of 100 gallons of water every day. man: what it takes to actually make clean water is somewhat a mystery to most customers. woman: so how does water get from the river into your house, or here at school? woman: somebody has to bring that water to us, and somebody has to take it away when we're finished with it. man: the water infrastructure is vital for disease protection, fire protection, basic sanitation, economic development, and for our quality of life. man: you just can't visu
>>> this is wjz tv, battle. >> from the -- baltimore,. >> from the city, to the county, to your neighborhoods, it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> patients violated, a johns hopkins gynecologist accused of taping women and underaged girls in secrets. >>> i'm denise koch. and here's what people are talking about. a are growing number of women are coming forward worried they were recorded with hidden cameras. accusations against the doctor came to light after he committed suicide in his home. adam may explains police fear videos may have landed on the internet. >> reporter: wjz learns federal authorities are involved in the investigation of dr. nikita levy. he was fired earlier this month accused of secretly taking pictures and video of his patients during examinations. >> i just can't believe it. >> reporter: tracy williams is sick to her stomach. >> what was he doing with the pictures and video. >> reporter: that is a big unknown. wjz learns gynecology fetish pornography is all over the internet. >> that is an angl
was found. >>> 5:10. city leaders in oakland are giving the go-ahead to a few more weeks of extra police patrols from the chp. councilmembers voted last night to aprove $162,000 to pay for the program for another 60 days, two more months. the highway patrol has been supplementing the understaffed oakland police department at no charge since november. the agreement was scheduled to end on february 28. >>> residents are taking a stand against property crimes in one oakland hills neighborhood. they are paying for private security patrols. each household will plan $60 a month for one guard to parole a half mile in the oakmore area. neighbors say the understaffed police force has led to a rise in home burglaries there. >> i would say the last six months that it feels like it's gotten noticeably worse in this neighborhood. >> the patrols are expected to begin in about a week. >>> time now 5:10. front row contender the chances the next pope could be an american. >> plus hack attack. how the u.s. government plans to strike back at online thieves. >> a massiv
of a big u.s. city. the blast felt a mile away. tonight, they're still digging through what's left. >>> storm warning. a huge winter system on the move. a dangerous mix in 18 states, 30 million americans in the path of this one. >>> and hoop streadreams for th unlikely star of the high school basketball team crushing the competition, though he's just about half their size. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. growing up in this country, you get accustomed to hearing the united states is the greatest nation on earth and the mightiest military force on the planet. what we don't like is feeling vulnerable, the way we do after we have been attacked. and now that we have learned of a massive cyber attack, electronic espionage allegedly at the hands of a branch of the chinese military, and the kind of attack we've been warned about for years, today the white house took action. the problem is, this wake-up call has already hit a slew of big companies, and could reach into our power gr
in kansas city. sending more than a dozen people to the hospital. still an active scene overnight. >>> bail hearing day two is under way for olympic hero oscar pistorius. new details emerging in the case against him. >>> a young girl hurt in a freak fire. investigators trying to find out if hand sanitizer ignited badly burning her. >>> after her own health battle, robin roberts returns today. the day her fans and her work family here at abc have been waiting for is finally here. >>> good wednesday morning. crews are still searching through smoldering rubble in an upscale area of downtown kansas city. >> more than a dozen people were injured and cadaver dogs were brought in to make sure no one is buried underneath. they suspect a gas leak touched off the massive explosion and fire that hit a powerful restaurant. it rattled windows and doors blocks away from the scene. >> the ground just shook. sounded like -- it was a giant explosion. >> and the explosion hit. and it hits you like a shockwave. >> the heat from the fire came into my car. my windows were up. but i could feel the heat. >> befor
, government air strikes have reduced much of the place to rubble. as they have in the northern city of aleppo, where they were pulling more bodies from the wreckage. but all sides suffer in this war. we went to a wake for a beloved local politician in damascus. he was kidnapped and burned to death in his car by jihadist rebels who claimed credit on the internet we were told. there was almost nothing left of him, his brother told us. rebel mortar fire landed near assad's palace. that's a first. you look in the eyes of so many people, you see a different kind of wound, the fear is real. near of what tomorrow may bring to damascus. terry moran, abc news, damascus, syria. >>> former congressman jesse jackson jr. and his wife are due in court, expected to plead guilty to federal charges. he's accused of spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items, including a $40,000 gold rolex. his wife, a former chicago lawmaker, sandra jackson, is charged with filing false tax returns. >>> vice president biden tells americans they do not need assault weapons to scare off bad guys, just use a shotgun.
gas explosion rocks an upscale kansas city shopping district. this morning, cadaver dogs are still on the scene. we'll have an update coming up next. >> but first, a check of the markets right now shows the nasdaq at a 12-year high and the dow topping the 14,000 mark. the dow picked up 54 tuesday. the nasdaq added more than 21 points. overseas today, japan's nikkei was up almost 100 points. talk of more corporate mergers is sending asian and european markets higher today.  >>> new this morning out of missouri, fire officials remain on the scene of a gas explosion that sparked a massive fire in a kansas city restaurant last night. ad candidate offer dogs spent hours searching through the rubble. no reported deaths but the blast did injure more than a dozen people. cause remains under investigation. a city official earlier said it was believed to have been caused accidentally by a utility contractor. >>> the white house is developing more aggressive responses to cyberthefts after a report accuses china of hacking american companies and government agencies. the obama adminis
these phones i should point out cleveland is city i love i lived there for eight years. these phones are intended for people who might be on disability. for people who can't afford to use the phone. the incentive is for these companies to sign up as many people as they can because it doesn't look, it was only last year they started to request who is getting the phone. why did they wait so long to look who is getting the phone? the program has been around for several years? >> just want to correct one thing. i know there is lot talk about the obama phone. the program was created under ronald reagan and expanded under bush and continues under the obama administration. why did it take so long is a good question. the fcc actually began looking into into 2010 because government doesn't work very quickly. adam: efficiently. >> took them a year and a half or two years to actually pass the reform order. so they passed it in the beginning of 2012. so took them a while to get to that point. people are saying that the reforms are working. they're starting to weed out a lot of these --. adam: it
's wednesday, february the 20th. with us on set here in new york city, msnbc contributor mike barnic barnicle, economic analyst steve rattner, former policy adviser to the bush administration, dan senor, "fortune's" assistant managing editor, leigh gallagher and editorial writer for "the washington post," msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. morning, everybody. >> morning. >> good morning. >> morning. >> joe and mika have the morning off. have we heard enough yet about the fight between the press and the white house over tiger woods? >> oh, stop it. just please, stop it. >> mike, as a grizzled veteran journalist, what's your view? >> just stop it. it makes us out to be spoiled, pampered, you know, people. just stop it. you know? he played golf for two days. they press complaining about access to the president, and they have this squabble. it happens every couple years. nobody pays attention to it except the press. it's time to move on. >> jonathan capehart, isn't this, though, about a bigger question? it's not just about seeing tiger woods for the press, it's about not getting as much access
a kansas city restaurant was flattened in a huge natural gas explosion and fire. nbc's john yang is at the scene this morning. good morning. >> good morning, david. they're bringing in cadaver dogs and heavy equipment to look for one person still unaccounted for. given the enormity of this explosion, it is remarkable so far there are no official fatalities. daylight reveals the destruction caused by a massive explosion and raging inferno in an upscale shopping district. a popular restaurant levelled. the blast came at about 6:00 p.m., happy hour. the fire so big it engulfed an entire city street. the impacts of the blast felt blocks away. >> everything just exploded. it was just -- >> it shook the entire area. it set off all the car alarms through the entire block. the flames were even taller than the building next to it. >> reporter: at least 14 injured, one critically, taken to area hospitals. at a news conference officials said one person, a female restaurant employee, is still missing. >> we have been in contact with that person's family who is still missing and our sympathy
explosion and fast-moving flames race through a popular kansas city district full of shops and restaurants. >> what investigators are finding this morning after a fire that burned for hours. it's wednesday, february 20th. >>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez. we'll get to the kansas city fire investigation in just a moment in our top story. >>> also this morning, the costly computer crimes costing the american economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. the fingers are pointing at china, as the white house announces plans to fight the hackers. >>> and this is crazy. why hand sanitizer is being singled out in a fire that severely burned an 11-year-old girl. wait until you hear how something so common turned into something so hazardous. you think you're doing the right thing, killing the germs, all the dirt in our workplace and homes and something like that happens. that story is crazy. >> and where it happened is also crazy. >>> and later on, clyde davis, his tell-all book, his big secrets, and a singing star wh
in kansas city goes up in flames. >> another day in court for oscar pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend. what authorities say they found inside his home. >> i am live at the convention center. we' >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we start on the outer loop of the beltway at 295. word of a disabled vehicle as we continue to build in volume. 214 is our first accident at turkey point road. north and southbound traffic looking heavier in the past few minutes. a nice start on 95 coming out of the white marsh area. problem free. that is southbound traffic down towards the beltway. 11 minutes on the north side. 12 minutes on the west side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we check in live with ava marie joining us live from the convention center. good morning. >> let's look at the temperatures right now. 36 degrees at the inner harbor. it is a chilly start to the day. we are starting off with mostly dry weather. feeling ill crafty at the convention center. the american craft council show come
on valentine's day. crews are searching for two people following a massive explosion in kansas city. more than a dozen people were sent to the hospital and hundreds more were forced from their homes. the exact cause remains under investigation. >> drivers might be pay more than insurance after an accident. the fire department will charge a fee even if the driver did not call for help. fire officials say this will help close the city's budget deficit. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a fire department should be able to charge insurance companies a fee when they respond to a traffic accident? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. let's check on some of the area roads. 295 checking in southbound near 100 at 55 miles per hour. so far so good on the northwest corner of the beltway at greenspring. 11 minutes on the north side. this is mcdonough and looking pretty good other than
. >> search crews hold out hope that everyone made it out of this massive fire in kansas city. >> now's a good time to dig into your closet for the popular 1990's fashions. they're making a comeback. you will not believe how much money people are paying for these overalls. good morning, washington. "good morning washington"at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is wednesday february 20. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> i am a little tired this morning, but i'm not remembering pink overalls from the 1990's. our concern is that there will be a few scattered small xbox that could catch you off guard this morning, black ice. -- a few scattered clouds lee xbo -- scattered slick spots. it's 35 degrees in d.c. right now. but it's 31 in martinsburg and 30 in gaithersburg, 29 in hagerstown. will make it up to 36 by noon, a 37 by 5:00. it will be feeling like 20 with winds gusting around 25 miles an hour today. let's find out if we're having trouble on the roads
from missouri tonight, at least 14 people hurt in an explosion and massive fire at a kansas city restaurant. it all started when a car crashed into a gas main. witnesses say the explosion felt like an earthquake and blew out windows in the building. the fire burned for hours tonight as the gas continued to leak. >>> coming up a child badly burned at a children's hospital and doctors aren't sure how it happened. however, hand sanitizer may have played a role. >> we had a little snow, sleet and a lot of rain moving through. now get ready for colder temperatures and big winds. it's all coming up on the news edge at 11:00. come on back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there who aren't happy with their internet. [ spokesman ] are you lindsay? yes. did you say, "my internet's so slow it's like a car with no gas"? yes. well, you're about to get verizon fios quantum, america's fastest, most reliable internet. so that's what you used to have... okay. and that's fios. this is crazy fast, almost unbelievable. [ male announcer ] that will
and the world, first to kansas city where natural gas explosion has left an entire block in ruins. 14 people were hurt following the blast and fire yesterday evening. right now emergency crews are using cadaver dogs to search for anyone who may be missing. witnesses say they smelled natural gas for hours in the area before the blast. no official cause has been released but the utility that supplies the gas says a contractor doing work may have hit a gas line. >> second day of a bail hearing for oscar pistorius is underway in south africa. and police are presenting a mass massive amount of evidence. and the courtroom broke into gaffs that a witness who heard shouts was 500 yards away. they found two boxes of testosterone. the substance is herbal remedy that athletes take. he denies killing his girlfriend and says he thought she was an intruder. >>> back here at home, the man convicted of murdering chandra levy could get a trial. the prosecution was quote predicated on a lie. the defense team says they have new information that could question the testimony of one witness and under cut the gove
, houston, oklahoma city could see some showers. we'll have some rain in the pacific northwest. snowfall for denver, starting around dinner time. california dries out after yesterday's storm. it will be pretty quiet here on the east coast. >> and it's another day of bone-chilling cold in the upper midwest. minneapolis will struggle to get above ten degrees. new york, boston and baltimore are in the upper 30s. phoenix is in the mid-50s, when the normal high is usually 60. miami, as usual, the shot spot, around 80 degrees. >>> and coming up, we'll have a live report, as we welcome our friend robin roberts back to "gma," just a few hours from now. >>> plus, business news. how did hackers take a big, old bite right out of apple? >>> and think your morning latte is pretty pricey? we'll show you the most expensive starbucks drink, ever. >>> and welcome back. gas prices are now rising at the fastest pace in nearly a decade. prices are up almost half a dollar per gallon in the last month, at a time of the year when they're usually low. gas already tops $5 a gallon in some cities. many analysts p
is developing plans to launch retail stores in several major u.s. cities. >>> and today is a big day for sony. it's expected to unveil the fourth generation of its playstation gaming consul. this is its first new version in seven years. during that time microsoft's xbox 360 has taken the lead in the u.s. with nintendo's wii a competitive third. another challenger has been consumers increasingly downloading games on their smartphones and tablets instead of buying the consul. we have the xbox at home. sophie came would -- sophia would rather play angry birds on my phone than the consul. >>> consul. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> big warnings coming out about sequestration. we're less than two weeks away. we're talking about things people can do themselves to fire back at congress. >> thanks, jess. >>> this morning the search isn't over at the site of a massive explosion. >> coming up, we're going to have more on a blast that leveled a kansas city restaurant. that's after the break. >> ahead in sports, new reports are clearing the nationals pitcher recently linked to >>> w
the presidential palace. terry? >> reporter: diane, life in this city under siege is surreal. it's traffic jams and business deals still getting done while artillery fire and bombing raids punctuate the air. everything covered in a blanket of dread. people here in downtown damascus, they're still trying to carry on. but the war stalks them, edging ever closer. this evening, smoke billowed from a strike on the outskirts of the downtown. the suburbs are the battleground -- for now. so, this is the first one? earlier, at a hospital in the christian quarter of town, we were shown some light damage from a couple of primitive mortars fired by rebels. it's another stop on this trip where we have been granted visas by the government of president bashar assad to tell their side of the story in this brutal civil war. as we talked to witnesses -- and you hear this boom, boom, boom, all the time? they hardly notice anymore. but it takes its toll. they all know it could be so much worse. in the damascus suburb of daraya, government air strikes have reduced much of the place to rubble. as they have in the no
will be right back. @í >> 22 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. in kansas city, search crews found the remains of one person at the site of last night gas explosion and fire that destroyed a restaurant. authorities have not said if the bodies that of the missing female restaurant employee last seen before the blast. 50 people injured, six are still hospitalized. defense secretary warning congress the vast majority of dod 800,000 civilian workers will be placed on administrative furloughs if forced spending occurred. it is scheduled to hit on march 1. former illinois congressman jesse jackson junior pled guilty to misusing $750,000 of campaign funds. facing roughly four years in prison at the june sentencing. jackson's wife, sandra, great gy took the deal earlier with federal prosecutors and is due in court later this afternoon. those are your headlines. now back to ashley. ashley: thank you very much, we appreciate that. good news is still bad news. americans approval rating of congress rising last month by a whopping 1%, that is still 50% of americans actually approve of con
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. >> maybe somebody heard something with regard to a banker, some banker was going that city. putting two and two together. making a good bet. not based on actual knowledge but a bet that a lot of people follow that. they cash in, suddenly there's the huge action in the options. sec's right to look at it. they can put people other oath. people want to testify -- here's what i saw, what i did. the evidence that people are trading ahead of the deal is not evidence that they knew it was going happen. they figured it out. >> let me throw one other piece of news -- >> the -- at the monsanto -- >> i used to track plans. you can't do it anymore. very hard to track plans. >> get out on a moped and follow sir larns wiwrence wildman -- >> i believe that's legal as long as you're not tapping lines. >> it eerie. >> dell, they had earnings. i don't think new england care good the earnings, they --in cared about the earnings, they cared about the buyout. >> i think it's sad and public shareholders take a longer term view is the only reason this company is going private is because michael dell and silve
in manassas. and high temperatures even here in the city only in the upper 30s today. if you are off to the north and west, you'll struggle into the upper 20s and low 30s. 32 in washington. wasn't kidding around. julie wants me to see the picture one more time. here are your winds gusting to 25. we've got windchills and i don't confuse that map that much this year. windchill values feels like 24. 16 in gaithersburg. 14 in hagerstown. when you are talking about windchills in the teens and 20s, it feels cold. 26 for you. going to be a cold afternoon. should be a mix of sun and clouds particularly north and west more in the way of cloud cover. getting some of that spill over off the lakes and giving us cloud cover. and a few lake affect snow shower hz firing up overnight into southwest pennsylvania. one or two snuck in to northwest portions of maryland. we should be sunny today. cold tonight. sunny for your thursday . and then that's the makings of our system for friday. as we get into friday, friday night we could be dealing with a light wintery mix around here. going to get sheared ap
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)